GandCrab Free Decryptor Launched By Bitdefender

With the GandCrab operation finally shut down there is more waiting for the free decryptors. As you all know that GandCrab has shut down its spreading along with all the private keys. So in that case most of the users will not be able to buy the decryption key. But hey who need to pay the money to hackers when you have a free decryptor. Bitdefender has finally launched all in one GandCrab Free Decryptor software that will need the Internet connection to find the suitable key and decrypt your files. It is all free and works for all the versions of GandCrab Ransomware. So no matter when your files were encrypted and by which version, now you have a chance to finally recover all your data without paying any single penny to hackers.

How to Decrypt Gandcrab encrypted files

  • First of all your new to download the all the GandCrab decryptor. Click on the below button to download the software on your computer and then install it properly.

Download GandCrab Free Decryption Tool

  • Now if your system has an active Internet connection, then it good if not then GandCrab Free Decryptor will ask you to connect your PC to Internet. This is because that decryptor need to be connected to the Bitdefender servers to find the right decryption key for you.

  • Now you will get tow options – Scan entire system or Scan Backup. Whose what do you want to scan and then click on start tool. You can also select advanced option for targeted scanning.

GandCrab Free Decryptor

  • Once you will select the part or region to scan your system, GandCrab Free Decryptor will start doing its work. You will have to wait for some time till the decryptor perform its job.

GandCrab Free Decryptor

  • If the tool fails to recover any file, it will generate a log that you can open by clicking on it. You can submit the log with the error to determine what went wrong.

GandCrab Free Decryptor

As we have checked the GandCrab Free Decryptor, it worked really well. It was able to decrypt all the files successfully without any problem. But it is never wise to make kind guarantee, so if you face any problem then make sure you submit the logs.

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