ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro Complete Review

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ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro software is a highly advanced and powerful data recovery suite. It is a multipurpose application that offers several important features like you can use it across devices like your computer or your phone, it can recover all types of lost or permanently delete files, it can recover encrypted files, it can find lost emails and gives you freedom to custom scan your system for files like image, videos, documents etc. separately. You should try the free version of this software to scan your PC and it will show you the preview of files that could be recovered. If the software can detect the files that you need, then you will need to register to full version to recover all your files. It is completely safe and easy to use software which is also offering free trial version.

Is Data Recovery Pro Safe?

Yes it is completely safe and quite useful program. It is an aggressive and powerful software that can deeply scan your entire system for lost or deleted files. It is also able to recover files from formatted hard drives very easily. This unique and smart data recovery suite is equipped with the best and hyper scan engine which also shows preview of files before recovering them.  It does not slow your PC in any way and gives you extra edge by keeping you armed with the latest and greatest in data recovery tools. Apart from this, automatic updates are regularly delivered straight to your program which is not very common with other applications. By using this software, you are also getting the support of a dedicated support team for 24/7 to ensure that you are always covered.

My Personal Experience With Data Recovery Pro

I have been using this program from past year when I started researching about the alternative data recovery of encrypted files and so far I am very satisfied with it. Before installing it, I have tried various other programs but none of them has convinced me like it did. Its quite an efficient program which not only capable of recovering deleted or lost files but it can also recover data from formatted hard drive. Part of being a researcher needs to keep finding the best programs which is not only efficient but also legitimate. I often lose important files accidentally and I am very proud to chose to be a permanent user of this software. From my personal experience, it has served me well and I never felt the need to change this program. I completely trust this software and so I recommend ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro to all my readers.

 ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro                                                                      $49.97 USD

Data Recovery Pro FeaturesData Recovery Pro

☑ Use Across Devices.
☑ Recover Any File Type.
☑ Recover Encrypted File.
☑ Find Lost Emails.
☑ Customize System Scans.
☑ Preview Files.
☑ Navigate Easily.

📥 Download Free Trial 🛒 Buy Now


Data Recovery Pro helps you locate and recover a variety of file types, including deleted emails. The software even scans for deleted files on peripheral storage devices, like your USBs and external hard drives, ensuring the most powerful data recovery tool is at your fingertips when you need it most.

💻📲 Use Across Devices

Recover lost or deleted files from multiple storage devices, including your computer and mobile devices.

🔎 Recover Any File Type

Recover all types of files, from multi-media to office documents, including music, emails, documents and more..

🔐 Recover Encrypted Files

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro can run deep scan to detect and recover files encrypted by a ransomware virus.

📧 Find Lost Emails

Scan your system to locate lost emails. Email recovery supports Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Vista Windows Mail..

🔍 Customize system scan

Run a full or quick scan to address your system needs, or customize the specific items you need scanned.

📂 Preview Files

Use the file preview to review files before you recover them so you can be confident in recovering the detected files.

How it works

How To Install ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro and Scan your PC

➢ First you need to download the Data Recovery Pro Software.

Data Recovery Pro Download Data Recovery Pro Now

➢ After installing the software launch the program and click on Start Scan to run full scan of your PC.

Recover file encrypted by junior

➢ When software detect all your files, then click on Recover button to get your files back.

Recover file encrypted by junior

Conclusion : Final Words

As a regular user and malware researcher, I completely trust this application. Its always your decision to choose the right product for you. It might be a bit costly but extreme protection is guaranteed by the regular use of this application. In this case you are not paying ransom money hackers and thus you are also preparing yourself for further attacks. The Malware Removal Tool and Data Recovery are much more cheaper option than paying ransom money hackers. Do not try to find out any cracked of free version of this program because free programs and software are mostly used by hackers to spread malware, and Internet is swarming with threats, that’s why everyone needs to use the best malware protection to keep their system and privacy safe.

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